Moving Trigger Ace of Spades D2 with more detail

$75.00 - $105.00

Ace of Spades Hand Cannon Replica with moving trigger and hammer
D2 version with more detail and variations in colour

This item is 3D printed at 20% infill. Printed in high quality PLA plastic in colours as shown.
Pieces glued with a strong plastic glue clamped and held to ensure a strong product.
Assembled and packed by a perfectionist.

There are 4 variations for this listing:
1. DIY Kit (super glue or plastic glue required to assemble the model, glue not included)
2. DIY Kit plus Stand
3. Fully assembled
4. Fully assembled plus stand

The hand cannon is about 14 inches(approx. 360mm).

=== Shipping ===

Estimated Shipping Time
- Inside EU about 3-7 Days
- Outside EU about 5-15 Days

UPS Express
- Inside EU 1-2 Days
- Outside EU 2-4 Days
Courier Service requiring a phone number

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**This is not an officially licensed product and is only considered Fan Art, the item is 3D printed and assembled by me.**